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Albany Down

Mar 25
Venue: Kyps
Address: Mr Kyps 8a Parr Street Lower Parkstone Poole
Telephone number:
BH14 0JY
01202 748945
Sold out

"High Energy Rock"

London-based Albany Down are a contemporary rock band with influences ranging from classic acts like Led Zeppelin and Thunder to modern bands such as The Black Keys and Clutch. They combine a diapason of original songs with contemporary high energy rock. Albany Down are Paul Muir on vocals, guitarist Paul Turley, drummer Donna Peters and bassist Billy Dedman and they have already recorded three albums with award-winning producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, INME, Super Furry Animals).
Blues Rock Review offered a fair assessment of their 2011 debut album: “South of the City” is a solid debut album from Albany Down and they will be an interesting band to watch develop in the coming years”. The album clearly showcased what the band are capable of – ranging from the superbly arranged “Mercy” to the low-down dirty, slide-led blues rock epic of the title track.
Their formidable second album, “Not Over Yet” released in 2014, is full of strong songs, lingering melodies and great musicianship. And where vocalist Paul Muir could previously have been compared to the likes of Paul Rodgers, he stamps his own personality on this album, while guitarist Paul Turley produces a virtuoso impassioned performance.
Traditionally a band’s second album is regarded as being problematical but Albany Down turned that notion on its head. It is no surprise therefore that for their highly anticipated third album they turned once again to Greg Haver to produce their new opus “The Outer Reach. “The band have really stepped up in both their song writing and performance” says Greg, “The Outer Reach is their best album yet and I’m really pleased with the result.” With over 12,000 fans on Facebook, fans of Albany Down agree that their live show never disappoints.
The band run on pure adrenalin, unrelenting energy and raw emotion and soon have any crowd entranced. The music is based on thunderous guitar riffs and pounding drums juxtaposed with soulful, soaring, emotionally-charged ballads. Rock blogger Neil Mach probably got it right, when he described the band; “As hot as volcanic ash and yet as cool as snow slippers.” “The Outer Reach” reflects the band’s ambition and is a measure of a band on the up-escalator currently tearing up venues around the UK and Europe. These guys are really going somewhere; make sure they take you with them!
PAUL JONES, BBC RADIO 2 “Their Best Album Yet! The Outer Reach contains no fillers. It is simply one great track after another”
“Albany Down have made a Classic!” MUSIC NEWS
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