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Fleetwood Bac

Review By : Andrew Booth

Ah! Fleetwood Bac,surely one of the most sublime tribute acts to ever grace the Mr Kyps stage.

I had been extolling their virtues to my friend for a couple of years and finally managed to persuade her to come with me.Her verdict by the end was "Amazing".

The Fleetwood Mac back catalogue had so many infectious hits and this group rip them out with such verve and passion you are hooked in from the first few bars.

Early on theyre into Dreams and You make lovin`fun with Stevies frighteningly accurate voice mixing seamless harmonies with keyboardist Christine.(Mcvie)

Then Lynsey Buckingham,sporting one huge afro that must be holding at least 2 birds takes centre stage for a searing version of the older Mac song Oh well-with jaw dropping dextrous ease including audience participation on the chorus.A classy and cool "Sara"from Nicks and Little Lies from Tango.

Christines beautiful voice solos "Songbird" a song Eva Cassidy covered- always annoys me that you can hear the audience chatting away at this point but they again join in with the chorus. Stevies haunting Landslide with beautiful acoustic from Lyndsey.His acoustic skills on Big Love just make you envious of his huge talent.

Dont Stop has the crowd really going and getting involved with the "OOH dont you look back" line.

And not forgetting Mick Fleetwood the manic gurning percussionist whose tour de force is the drum heavy "Tusk"-which includes another jaw dropping solo.

Ive always said that Stevie has an amazingly magnetic stage presence that you just cant take your eyes off but the rest of the band are so hugely talented every song is a guilty pleasure.

The last 3 tracks -"The Chain" ,"Rhiannon" (definitely Stevies stand out song) and "Go your own Way" finish off a stunning evening in style.

Attention to detail is amazing from the costumes especially Stevies fan assisted flowing capes!,the Stevie/Lyndsey tension,even Stevies American accent. 

If youve never been before I urge you to try them at least once -I defy you not to be addicted to this band and I guess as their name suggests-you`ll be bac`!