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Technical Specs


SOUNDCRAFT Si Performer 3 Digital desk
SOUNDCRAFT Si Performer 3 (available for monitoring at request)


Front of House PA System

2 Nexo RS18 sub bass speakers

Nexo GEO M10 Line Array Top Speakers - 4 per side (Flown)

Nexo NX 4X4 powered controller



On Stage Monitor Speakers

6 Martin Audio LE1200 Tour Grade Monitors
1 Martin Audio F215 Twin 15 & Horn as Drum Fill

QSC Amplifiers to feed Monitors - up to an all seperate 7-way mix, or combination of singles/pairs



Supplied & installed from sound desk to stage; VDC 40 channel to provide 32 channel sends & 8 channel returns. Seperate loom from stage box as splits to monitor desk when required
Additional extension multi-cores will be provided/supplied as required to extend sends from other on stage locations.

A VDC Cat 5 digi-snake is also installed from FOH to stage for use as required by outside systems with remote stage boxes etc. 


Initial Stock as listed, models & quantities may vary according to individual show requirements.
Combination of Shure SM58, Beta58 & Beta 87A series for vocal
2 Sennheiser E606 (guitar cabs) 
3 Shure SM57, 4 Shure Beta 57A (all round instrument & vocal)
Audio Technica, Sontronics & AKG condensers available for over-heads & hi-hats etc
5 Sennheiser E604 clip on tom mics
1 Shure Beta 52, 1 Shure Beta 91, 1 Audix D6 for optimum choice on Kick Drums and other Bass instruments. 
Di boxes as required. (6 Radial pro48's as standard)
Short & standard boom mic stands as required.
Leads and power splitters are also as required.


Complete PA system supplied and opperated by Pulse P.A. Ltd, Poole, Dorset.

We are officially licensed by Ofcom for the use of radio microphone equipment in the ch38 band, 606-614MHz. Due to leagality & interferance problems, we no longer allow the use of Channel 69 radio microphones & IEM systems on the premises.