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The Agency

Review By : Tangy Nethercott

What a terrific night was had last night - there wasn't one person there not jigging & I've never seen so many grey haired men dancing so energetically!  My friends remember the band from their Dudsbury Days & many of them have hired the band for weddings etc, as they are still as fantastic as everyone remembers.  

Mr Soul's voice was surprisingly strong & Andy Wilkinson's stage presence just can't be beat.  My boyfriend remembers him from his "Ringo Chubb" days, which is really going back a few years!  The sound was so professional & the timing excellent - these guys really should be making loads of money, as they're much better than a lot of the "bands" in the charts. 

Can't wait to see them at my friend's party in January & I thank them in advance for helping me stay trim , as I will no doubt find it impossible to keep still whilst they're playing!