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The Great Pretender

Review By : Dave Hoare

Let me start off by saying this is a highly biased review as I am a big fan of The Great Pretender and HRH. If any Queen fans who have not seen them reads this review then I suggest you get along to see the show.

You will not be disappointed.

Steve Littlewood (The Great Pretender) is Freddie reincarnated ably supported by Brian Rock (aka Andy Wills) as legendary guitarist Brian May, Dayle Thompson (John Deacon) on bass, Patrick Rudge (Roger Taylor) on drums and Steve Nelson on keyboards. Oops mustn't forget Lampy (Russ Hemstock) for the wonderful lighting????!!!!

From the first note to the last chord these guys have the audience rocking and singing along and not just to the big hits.

The show is divided into two sets. The first set includes such delights as 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy', 'Lap of The Gods' as well as some of Freddie's solo work. Pat joins Steve on vocals for 'Under Pressure'.

There are also songs that Queen never got to perform live, such as 'The Show Must Go On' and 'Those Were The Days of Our Lives'. The set ends with songs from the mid 1970's including 'Keep Yourself Alive' and 'Killer Queen'.

The second set is based on Queen's 1980's shows and

features songs such as 'Hammer To Fall', 'Radio Ga Ga', 'Tie Your Mother Down' and 'Somebody To Love'.

There are plenty of costume changes from leather to the

famous Wembley outfit. I mustn't forget to mention that Steve also likes to 'Break Free' in black wig, pink jumper, black leather skirt and black stockings and struts around the stage with hoover and yellow feather duster - you have been warned!

Steve's vocal's are as close to Freddie's that I've heard. Andy's guitar is as close to Brian May's as you could wish, his rendition of the 'Brighton Rock' guitar solo is breathtaking. Together with Dayle's excellent bass, Pat's strident drumming and Nelly's ivory tickling, this IS the closest you will hear to the real thing.

They even upstage Queen by performing BoRhap in its entirety.

I would recommend this show to anyone even if they are not a fan of Queen, as I said at the start of this review, 'you will not be disappointed'.

Review By : Andrew Booth

Surely this act is absolutely the best tribute band that plays Kyps hence the 2 nights though think he would sell out 3.

Being an avid Queen fan I never get bored of seeing this act -I took my friend who absolutely adores him.When we go to see other Queen tributes who I think are pretty good and ask my friend what she thinks of what we`ve seen her reply is always "well theyre not really as good as the Great Pretender!"

He really is the absolute Royal standard and when asked to analyse why- its something to do with his on stage presence,humorous banter between the songs,mannerisms,massive energy and a voice that seems to have been taken straight out of Freddie.

The electricity this guy produces could power a substation.But He can turn from thunderously rocking tracks like Tie Your Mother Down and Hammer to Fall to fabulous pathos on songs like Who wants to live forever,Love of my life and Those were the days of our lives.

He camps it up to the extreme especially on the lady with a hoover take on I want to break free followed by Big Spender.Also on the Freddie solo part with biker cap and sunglasses.His connection with the audience is also astounding whipping them up to a frenzy the atmosphere it something really special with the packed crowd singing at the top of their voices.

I see he also does solo gigs but the band really add to the experience.Brian Rock the poodle haired May look alike has his distinctive sound to perfection and keyboard & drums/backing vocals,lighting and costumes are spot on.

Local DJ Steve Power was present & raved about him on the radio today.Well this Steve definitely has the power and a Kind of Magic!The king of Queen-period.