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UK Guns n' Roses

Review By : Andrew Booth

Having come along tonight on a friends recommendation I had a little trepidation that a band could do justice to such an act who were absolutely massive in the late eighties and early nineties.

I arrived to catch the last couple of songs of Voodoo Vegas who seemed a pretty good rock band and got a good reception from the audience at the end of their set.

When the main act came on the first thing that struck me was what an amzing likeness the guy playing Axl Rose was to the real thing. I know most tribute bands can use all manner of make up and wigs but his facial features were so like the real thing.But could he live up to that rock god image with his stage performance?

The answer was soon obvious as this whirling dervish of energy cavorted around the stage in the most eye wateringly tight pair of cycling shorts I had ever seen.The rock god posing,the voice was absolutely spot on and the rest of the band offered great support.He also had a mannerism where towards the end of the song he had a fixed manic stare on the audience.

Paradise city came early on then a few I didnt know but I liked Civil War.Highlights for me were Knockin` on Heavens door ,Live and let Die,Mr Brownstone and the absolute standout was Sweet child o` mine-the guitar solo on that basically came off another planet!

My only criticism was where was November Rain? I waited patiently for that epic that never came. Please add it to your set guys!!!